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Bad news today fellow fanatics.
Driving up the interstate with my normal every 2 weekends drive from San Diego to Palm Springs, within 30 mins on the freeway, I noticed my battery light came on my dash.
First time I ever seen this.

After 5-10 mins from when I started driving I noticed my temperate needle went up fast.

I pulled over when it went up, and when I went to lift up the hood there was no smoke.

So I went back in the car to start it up and I noticed my steering wheel was tough to turn. So I figured it was my power steering pump.

When I checked under the car it was dripping slowly.
So I just called my roadside assistance to tow it back to a shop.

So I was wondering if you guys could give me a heads up on what it could be more or less besides that the shop could charge me a fortune.

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