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Originally Posted by e46alfonso View Post
guys please no joking again please ok ??
I'm not really sure exactly what you are trying to say. I'm not even sure if you are referencing my post or not considering the fact that you don't indicate at any point what the "joking" is or isn't about. Not to mention the fact that the significant lack of punctuation makes it difficult to understand exactly what you are trying to say.
In either case I do feel as though I have a legitimate question. Per the OPs comments there is a certain range that is acceptable for tire diameters to vary either from side to side or front to back on an awd vehicle. The OP was kind enough to answer my last question and give his recommendation for the rev difference that is acceptable as a result to varying tire diameters... Further research varifies the OPs recommendation. My question was simply whether or not my two sizes would fall within the acceptable range of variance for an awd BMW vehicle.

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