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So I had my brother take me to go to my car because I was gonna have my car towed from my work. I go to turn on my car just to check if itll start so I can save myself the cost of towing if it started. My car turned on without any problems, idled fine, revved up normally, and it drove fine back home which is about 7-10 miles away. I brought it home and left the car on for about 30 minutes sitting behind the wheel revving the engine up and down randomly to 3k, 4k, 5k , 6k then repeated the cycle over again. Every time it would rev up fine and idle fine when I let go of the pedal. I opened the hood and nudges any visible hoses and wires to see if there might be a leak or bad connection and nothing happened. Please help me try to figure out what this problem might be. Im scared to drive my car anywhere because it might suddenly not stay on or I wont be able to drive it home. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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