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One time there was a water bottle on my grass in the morning that wasnt even from our house (student house), when i walked back from school the bottle was shoved between my driver side mirror and the door. No damage but there were 20 cars in the vicinity, including my roommates PT cruiser and grand am on the same driveway, but the jerk just had to put it on the sparkling clean BMW.

When my mom moved into her new condo i was parked in the underground visitor parking. There was still work being done to the building and when i came down a construction crew of 5 guys were having their lunch on my trunk. I walked up to the car and pressed unlock so they would realize that it was my car. They took all their food and drink off and there was no damage but one of them said "next time dont park here if you dont want that to happen" and i was like " so dont park in the visitor spots of this building when im a visitor of the building???" lol and he didnt say anything after. again the entire parking lot was full and they just had to be on my car.

and more recently i noticed that someone had opened their door and it hit the little piece around the key hole beside my door handle and took a chunk of paint off of it. luckily its its an easily removable piece that ill do a respray of in the summer. No damage to the door itself so no big deal. ive removed it in the past before to rebuild my door lock assembly so it will be easy for me.

heres a pic of what im talking about (obviously not my car lol)

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