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Made in the USA =)

"Made in the USA" finally a company keeping US dollars in the states good job!

Originally Posted by HPF Chris View Post
Let me correct your statement. The Vorsteiner E46 M3 double carbon fiber hood was over $1600 msrp and it is no longer sold.
The Asuka hood was a single layer carbon fiber hood for $1300 and it is also no longer sold.

(previously mentioned on page 2)
The HPF hood is $1995 and:

#1) Made in the USA
#2) No fiberglass fillers. These hoods are 100% carbon fiber with a "core" center for added strength and lighter weight.
#3) Top AND BOTTOM layers of the hood are 100% carbon fiber. Not fiberglass.
#4) Designed as a DIAB sandwich core using the same method that Koenigsegg uses to build their cars. This is done for added strength and reduced weight.
#4) Comes with a UV Marine Clear Coat built in, not primered or painted to cover up defects.
#5) Has OEM quality fitment.
#6) Includes a 12 month limited warranty from Advanced Composite Systems. This warranty covers surfaced defects such as crazing of the topcoat, fading and disoloration of the topcoat, and chipping or checking not associated with damaged related to acts of God, misuse, abuse, negligence, road damage or installation damage. Nor does it warrant against damage associated with shipping.

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