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My Ride: 330XI
Originally Posted by Nachos23 View Post
Year and body style: 2004 330XI
Setup being rated: H&R Sports Kit with Bilstein Sports shocks and struts
Additional aftermarket components: ACS Strut Bar, ECIS Cold Ari Kit, AA Stage 2 tuning, SS Brake lines, Angel eyes, upgraded lights @ all corners, M3 Steering wheel with Paddle Stift kit, M3 Sports seats, upgraded all wood trim to Carbon Fibre, running M6 rims.
Additional info: car has about 20,000 miles on this setup and 170,000 miles total.
Intended use of car: Daily Driver
Preferred ride style: I prefer a ride that feels connected to the road, firm and predictable, yet still suitable for daily use and road trips.
Would you recommend this setup? Handling, Yes. Comfort, Yes. The setup feels tight but not overly aggressive. Not "coffee friendly" for first few sipps.....
Price paid, including installation (if applicable): $ never kept track. do my own work, so no installation charges.....
Rider Comfort: 7
Handling: 10 - Flat and on rails in the hardest of turns and no understeer. Phenomenal handling!
How much did it lower I want to get this kit but Ive heard that it can lower more than advertised.
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