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Originally Posted by Cali Chase View Post
So the time as come for me to change racing classes and move up!
My reliable 325i needs some more power but I can't part with her after all we have been through. I would like to either supercharge the m54 with a stage 2 from ess OR swap in an s54. The s54 path with cost significantly more but the possibilities are endless after that. I know I will have to change the transmission and rear end with an s54. So what are everyone's opinions? I have considered a built engine but I currently don't have a full race team that will rebuild the engine after every race and never will, nor do I want to hassle with boring and stroking and engine. I feel like my 2 paths are the most realistic but keep I'm mind this is a track dedicated car, although I do drive it on the streets occasionally
you dont have to change any driveline if you dont want to

EDIT : apart from the clutch-flywheel

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