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Originally Posted by Cali Chase View Post
I don't want a non BMW engine in my BMW ha. I'm kinda prejudice about other engines in my car but good thought. Yes traction control does help but would I have to eliminate that?

I don't know the answer to that question. It boils down to whether you will/can use your DME to do engine management. The S54 is quite a different beast, to use your current DME you are probably looking at a reprogramming task at least. Some people may even suggest a stand-alone ECU if you decide you will want to take things even further (you lose traction control and goodies that your actual DME features in this case). But some stand-alones will give you better traction control FYI, but it won't be implemented by the BMW DME.

Remember, there are all those other features that BMW's come with besides traction control. That was merely an example.

As PEI330CI, another member here stated once, to reach a certain level of performance you will need to spend X dollars. By starting with the M3 platform, you start further along that performance road. Sure you can do the same with with a 325, but you need to put some of your sweat and blood to get to where you would be with a stock M3. Depending on your goals, you may run into an obstacle along the way that makes everything much more difficult. And in the end you will still have a 325.

What you do really depends on how far you want to take things. I would suggest researching your options better. I would want to know what it takes to get the S54 to work in your chassis. The supercharger route is a lot easier, you can probably start with a bolt on kit. You need to decide where you want to take things.

For the money spent, only you can know if it is worth it.
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