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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
If you want to have a car that has absolutely no resale performs just as good as a stock M3, costs more, you're on the right path.

I'd sell it, buy the M3, tune, cat delete, bolt ons.. way more reliable and better resale.

But hey, sounds like you got it all figured out.
I know this is going against what you're saying/what you want OP...BUT he is right. The M3 is a MUCH better PLATFORM all around. Think about it, you really think that you're going to swap a S54 into your sedan and that's it? Then you have to go down the custom exhaust route, and then for the additional power you just got, you have to get your subframed reinforced, etc...As everyone has stated, SWAPPING the S54 into your car will be the more "expensive" route to take.

Now to answer YOUR question...

I understand your attachment to your car, but it's really up to you. If you were going to go FI....I would go with the AA st2 HKS kit. Reason being is, the ESS stg2 kit on a 2.5l motor IMO is not worth it. For the amount of $$$ you pay, you won't reap nearly the same, more cost efficient results as the bigger 3.0l motor using the ESS stg2 kit..I think the ESS kit and the 330s go hand in hand and blow the AA kit out of the water on the 330.. But since you have a 2.5l 325...I'd personally go with the AA stg2 kit. For the money you're getting stock M3 whp (if not better than stock) and power all the way up. I've seen a couple AA kits on 325/323s and I must admit, AA did a very good job with their kit. I'm sure the 330 kit by AA is great, but IMO I think most of the FI guys can agree the twin screw is like nothing else...just not on a 325.

I would also advise you to look at a recently made thread by a user named (bigjae) as he has(d) a boosted 330ci and tracked VERY often, and he just left the FI world to buy and build a NA e46 M3. He has his reasoning behind WHY he left the FI world from a 100% TRACK oriented guy.

Hope this helps a bit. I'm no expert, I'm just giving my opinions is all to help you out. GL

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