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Originally Posted by raptorman5174 View Post
Sorry to thread jack but what is a good tire pressure to run on a stock 18" ZHP setup? Right now I am running 40 lbs in the rear and 38 lbs in the front which I think is to high. The sticker on my door jam that gives you tire pressure says even higher then that in the 40's! I just wanted to get an estimate on what other fanatics with ZHP's are running.
I'm running my stock ZHP at 33 front and rear. Rides pretty smooth that way and the GF likes it better too. Using the door jam pressures was too harsh for my taste. I was concerned about htting potholes with these low profile tires but I hit a decent one yesterday and no tire/rim damage noticed.

Edit to add: I have Bridgestone Potenzas.

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