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Originally Posted by Ian@BavAuto View Post
I can offer my answer based on the direct feedback I've received from my customers. Out of the 4 pads you asked about, the only 1 we sell is the Cool Carbon so this is not intended to be any type of comparison to anything except an OEM type brake pad.

Initial bite, regardless of temp is excellent and much improved over OEM. If you use a Noise Free product of some kind and apply it correctly and use a fresh set of rotors you should not have any squealing issues. I put that in bold intentionally, it's very difficult to promise something like this. I've had people use all brand new parts and install things exactly as we say and never cure an occasional squeal. Sometimes it happens. I know that can be a deal breaker so if silence is an absolute requirement, you might want to stick with something like an OEM or Pagid brake pad, something soft.

Brake dust is reduced slightly with the Cool Carbons but it is by no means a clean/dust free pad.
Hi Ian,

I am pretty stuck on choosing between the Cool Carbon and Textar ePad Ceramic. I have a 330ci ZHP (performance pkg) and do a lot of highway driving, but also like to sprint around when I get the chance. I love the feel of the stock pads, but--the dust is killing me--especially having to clean those 135 style wheels every 2 weeks. I saw on BavAuto that the Cool carbons are low dust but also have great performance. Is this true? The ePads are much cheaper, and given that they're ceramic should grant low dust, but i'm not sure if i'd be trading performance with low dust on the epads. any help would be great!!!!
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