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E46 M3 AWD Sedan is mechanically 90 % ready.

Coil over kit / stoptech 355 mm brake kit on all 4 corners / LSD front diff / LSD E46M3 Coupe Rear Diff with OS Giken LSD / adjustable rear control arms / RTAB limiters / new bushings for rear axle are all installed.

New OEM parts such as front wishbones, front bushings, front steering arms are all replaced with new ones.
Chasis reinforcement is finished on the rear of the "sedan" M3.

Twin turbo kit is finished on the car. Will be running on 100 % alcohol, methanol only, as I was running on M3 coupe.

We will swap Pectel ECU from my M3 Coupe into this M3 Sedan AWD along with all the electronic goodies, sensors, awd control unit, transmission control unit... This will take 2 more weeks and we will be able to hit the roads by the 1st of may. A speedo with MILES has been bought, I thought a MILE SPEEDO would suit my test purposes as I am after 60-130 miles.

Thanks God.
La ilahe illallah = God is one and only
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