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I dropped the pan and filter tonight. Given that it's only been 30,000 miles since it's last service I was dismayed by what I saw: the magnets were soiled, the fluid was very dark. Whoever think these units don't need to be serviced is CRAZY! When I topped the unit off, the fluid that came out of the fill hole looked awful. I'll be doing a fluid swap again fairly soon!

I only drove the car a few miles, but it seems like the performance is a lot better. The shifts feel more solid, and the T/C seems to hold stronger. I hate to think of what all that material clinging to the magnets means for the life expectancy of the unit, but it's plainly obvious to me that the fluid can't stay in there as long as many assume.

I don't think I ever was able to get into the trans module of INPA. I'd be curious to have a closer look of what the T/C clutch is doing.

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