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Trajan, maybe you can explain about your association with auto-rx, how many free bottles did you get for posting this month. News Flash, auto-rx is no longer available, there is a new product called Auto-Rx Plus, basically what happened is that auto-rx was not selling. So when a product is not selling the name of the company or product chages names. Why would auto-rx change there name to auto-rx plus, because auto-rx had such a bad reputation and it was not working, there are 1109 customers in the USA who have bought auto-rx, guess how many of those customers are talking about this product favorably, 4 freaking people, and all 4 people are paid posters for auto-rx. This auto-rx plus name was devised by a guy named Daniel Weisner, he is a business consultant who helped redesign the auto-rx website, this auto-rx plus is exactly the same product as auto-rx, this product is pure snake oil, a snake oil salesman uses accomplices to push his product, Trajan is one of them, a product is snake oil when it does not live up to its claims, the only thing auto-rx plus is going to do is lighten your wallet. In 2012 auto-rx only picked up 19 new customers, 100% of arx customers are onetime customers, this product has not worked for anyone, even the accomplices like Trajan are not really using this product. If this product is so good then why do accomplices need to push it and lie to get sales. If this product is so good then why did this product lose its sponsorship on BITOG. If this product is so good, then why is it not sold in stores. If this product is so good, then why aren't other companies copying auto-rx. I would like to see you post this obituary of Gary Allan, because I am alive and well, there could be quite a few people named Gary Allan, so lets see this whole obituary you are talking about, and Trajan, I don't think you have the guts to post this obituary, and if you do post this obituary Trajan, make sure you post the whole obituary, don't leave anything out.
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