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TOPIC: Investing In The Solvent Flavor Of The Month


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Date: Sun Mar 17 09:19:03 2013

Investing In The Solvent Flavor Of The Month


Investing often involves high risks and you can lose a lot of money. Please do not invest with money you cannot afford to lose.

Invest In A 12 Year Proven Product. Auto-Rx Plus We Had To Remove Our Guarantee Seems Buyer Who Was Not Happy Used All The Auto-Rx He Bought And Could Not Produce Any Proof Of Anything.

If Your Not Pleased With Your Results Using Auto-Rx Plus Be Honest And I Will As Always Bend Over Backwards To Make Things Right


ps. We Can't Fix Broken Parts And If You Abused Your Engine To The Point Oil Can't Flow From Top To Bottom Of The Block We Can't Help.

If Your RWA To Follow Auto-Rx Plus Instructions Then We Are Your Company.

Your boss wants people to invest in a product that has only been around for 12 years, again how is this SNAKE OIL different from all of the other oil additives out there, oh, it is the most expensive product you can buy to try and clean up your engine. The most expensive oil additive on the market also shows the least results.

It sounds like if you have a really dirty engine that auto-rx will not work, no duh, this product can barely work on semi-clean engines. So how does someone know if there is no oil flowing from top to bottom, maybe anyone thinking of using an oil additive should open up there engine, take the valve cover off, well at that point you might as well take off your cylinder heads and clean them since auto-rx is not going to do the job, might as well take the oil pan off and make sure the pickup screen is clean. So auto-rx needs oil to flow to areas inside the engine. Here is a question, arx has a clean and rinse phase, how do you rinse something that is still dirty. If you wash your hands you keep washing until they are clean, then you rinse your hands off. This rinse concept is a waste of time, none of arx's competitors have a rinse phase. What does auto-rx think that are engines are washing machines. I am wondering how much automotive knowledge the owner of auto-rx has, it sounds like he does not know much since he has to have shills post for him. I am just wondering if the owner of arx plus has used any of these other oil additives, where is the proof that arx is better than these other products.

If the owner of auto-rx does not have a money back guarantee and someone complains, he might give a dissatisfied customer another bottle of arx, and what will he do when his product does not clean a customers engine, nothing. Once the owner of arx has your hard earned money that you have invested in arx you are screwed, with no money back guarantee he has to do nothing, everyone here notice that neither sprintman nor Trajan has not done any testing or shown any proof that auto-rx works, all they can do is throw insults at me. We call auto-rx plus the Synlube of Oil Additives, Synlube is a motor oil with questionable benefits just like auto-rx, both products are basically a witches brew, Trajan hates Synlube, yet he likes auto-rx, these 2 products are the most controversal things you can put into your engine.

When you do not get results with arx the owner will claim that you did something wrong.
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