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I was thinking about BMWlogger software another couple guys are getting/using. A USB-OBDII cable and an XP (or above) notebook is all you need for hardware. The software can be downloaded free to scan and clear errors. For $50 they send you a key code for your DME registration. With the full software unlocked, the logging part would be a good tool to look at multiple sensor activity when it's pulling tricks. A plotted log can be compared to your baseline (healthy) system snapshots. You can see into what's going on to narrow the source. The price is cheap compared to other PC based diagnostic products I've seen. They however, often let you alter parameters (write values) where this is a read only tool.

You may have a issues with your DME being flashed where the PC software goes crazy showing false data? You're in a situation where more info. is needed from a diagnostics effort. Something is hiding in there. You could try the diags or contact the developer and see if the forced-air data reads accurately? Chances are it will see the sensors and be fine? At least you have the history with the modifications, that's good.
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