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Originally Posted by 330i ZHP View Post
Fran - I parted mine and I am close to $60k
Maybe someday I will do that Stuart. Right now, money isn't my motivating factor. More importantly, nor is the hours in dismantling it

I'd rather see someone buy the car who appreciates it in it's present state and sees some value. A used twinscrew install will cost someone at least $6K with fuel pump, software etc etc. Then they will need the mandatory new clutch and flywheel required after it's installed . That puts a stock mint 2001 330cic at an out of pocket expense of $20K without any other mods. I know you understand this but the average modder has no idea of the true costs of doing things the first time around. If you can't DIY everything, labor costs then get monumental.

I don't think many grasp that this car has probably 5-7K miles put on it over the past 4 years or so. This isn't a worn out 20-something year old's hammered on ride, this is a 46 year old's project car that get's driven a few times a year. It's been pamper it's entire garage queen's life and parked from November to April 1st of every year

I really haven't tried to sell it and I believe when I do, someone will snatch it up. I've always found a buyer of my previous cars rather quickly. I realize the majority of the people on the forums are just kicking the tires or hoping to get something for next to nothing.

My thoughts right now, $20K may get me interested depending on what day it is. As you know, $20K will be a very small down payment on the next "project". $20K gets you what,a stereo system, some wheels and tires, custom interior and few M3 parts, a few suspension upgrade and supercharger, and possibly a little carbon fiber. Maybe that list is too long for $20K....

then I'd still need to buy the project car to start building upon.....

Hence my lack of motivation to really try to sell it yet. I'm not looking to spend more money and I'm not looking to get my hands dirty. Perfect opportunity for someone to snag this car up from me on the right day.

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