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Pretty much all of the "hyper velocity" pistol loads are all just snake oil. When they impact, they have near explosive expansion that causes them to expand immediately and bleed off all energy quickly, creating very shallow penetration. Contrary to what these companies profess, they cannot make pistol rounds work like rifle rounds.

If you look at Liberty's website, they make some pretty BS claims.

First, look at this picture below; "wickedest" is not a real word. It's pretty shitty grammar. Then, they have the X over the SF regimental insignia, which implies 10th Special Forces Group.
Most likely, this implication comes with them sending their ammo the 10th SF group unsolicited, or giving it to them in person. This is a common tactic to claim their ammo is used by SF or SEALs or CAG or whomever.

Then there's this one, which confirms my assumption above. I know this because they don't have any military ammo contracts. Every small arms ammo contract belongs to either ATK or Black Hills.

RBCD/LeMas is one such company that claimed this stuff, and is now on permanent ban by the US government.
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