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Originally Posted by StanJR View Post
Hello to all,
I recently purchased a windscreen for my wifes 2004 325Ci. When I installed it I didnt have the tabs, that go under the rear top flap, properly alligned. When the top flap went to close, I heard a two clicking sounds and the system quit working. It met some resistance. I was receiving a flashing red light on the top "down" control button and the trunk would not open electronically.
I put the top back up manually and took the vehicle to an after market BMW mechanic, since the warranty just expired 3 months ago! The mechanic acted as though he could repair it and when I went to pick it up, he still had no idea what was wrong.
Long story short is I have diagnosed the problem as being the Top Flap Drive Unit located under the rear seat of the vehicle. If I push down on the top of this unit and operate the top, it works like a champ. This also cleared the light and allowed the trunk to operate properly.
I am told that the plastic top to this unit holds the gearing in place and when it meets resistance, the plastic breaks and the gearing pops out. Of course I have been unable to find the plastic piece and I just bought the entire drive motor from BMW (part # 51-25-8-248-308) for $261. I want to make this a DIY project but I wanted to check with the members to know if this is possible or if there is resynchronization that needs to take place, etc.
Your input is much appreciated.
I had the same problem after trying to open my E46 top with a carboard box on it that got jammed in the mechanism. The hydraulic motor would not run. I could move the top manually and it would latch in the up position, but I could only latch and unlatch the "flap" (the part that encloses the top when it is in the down position) with the supplied allen wrench. I could hear clicking sounds from the flap lock mechanism beneath the rear seat. I took the mechanism part way out, (see youtube for removing rear seat-very easy) and removed the motor from beneath the mechanism. The cause of the problem was a PAL nut that had come off the main drive gear, causing the gear to lift and jump past the mating gear. Took 5 minutes to reattach (using my hands and 2 sockets as a press).

To my surprise, I put the top up manually and pressed the "top up" button. Once it latched the flap properly, the top worked fine. I don't think there is a reset procedure like the E36 has. Seems more like all the sensors have to indicate that everything is its place, or the control module won't let the process continue.
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