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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
nice front squat! looks like you had another one in you as well.

i gotta step up my squatting game... I'm at 265 x 5 on back squat lol, would feel terrible if you were front squatting that
I like front squats so much more. I've almost given up on back squats. I hurt my lower back twice doing them since I started getting serious about lifting. Yeah I probably over did it both times but I think Front Squats will be my primary squat from now on.

Originally Posted by dabears View Post
you call that a sprint! haha. are you supposed to just be jogging?

if someone just randomly watch this video without knowing the routine it looks like you are about to run off into nowhere
well my road is a dirt rocky road so it's tough haha. This is probably the first time I "ran" other than bball last week in a long time lol.
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