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Follow-up on Vifa NE65W-04 mids, based on a PM I received:

I'm not the first to have used these, and while I liked them initially, problems have arisen:

(1) They are about 3-4db LESS efficient than the factory tweeters and woofers in the doors, so for proper balanced sound in front, I need to duck the bass and treble about 3 clicks each. This leads to a mid-forward sound in the rear.
(2) I honestly don't know if it's because the terminals are touching the metal of the door and shorting, or if the amp can't handle these speakers (same impedance as the ones I removed!) or I've got some other problem brewing, but the amp chip that feeds both door tweeters and mids shuts-down at random, comes back at random, usually after driving over a bumpy road. I though it was condensation / temperature-related over the winter, but the problem persists. I've simply been too busy to pop the door panels and have a look.

Midrange clarity is wonderful, and these could really do well up to 18khz+, (allowing me to disconnect the awful tweeters entirely,) but I'm pissed that they are so inefficient compared to the rest of the system. They are also deep, sit right on the metal of the door, (padded by the rubber/plastic molded into the basket/magnet assembly, so no noise/paint rubbing results.)

Bottom line is that for $70/pair, given these problems, I'd rather have spent $40/pair on the Tang Band's from madisound (also neodymium magnet, but with a plastic basket, paper cone) and done the extra work to make the square peg (the frames really are square) fit into the round hole.

If you're willing to fiddle with a hacksaw, file, glue, give these a try instead: (8ohm, flatter response, better top-end... disconnect tweeter with this one 85db/W in pass band, but power is halved at 8ohms... probably result in same imbalance as Vifa.) (4-ohm impedance, 85db/W = better efficiency, likely better match, dead ringer for BSW mids. Lumpy top end, leave tweeter connected. Needs Low-pass cap to attenuate lumpy top?)

You'll probably have to trim off the corners, but may still be able to screw them in place. Black strip caulk helps seal any gaps.

Don't expect miracles unless you trash the entire factory system, or pay for someone else's time properly EQ-ing everything (see BSW's apparently re-badged tang-band speakers.)

I'll work the bugs out, and DO like these Vifa speakers, but they take time & fiddling to sound "right" in this car with the rest of the factory system. I'd probably love 'em if I didn't have the problem of the amp shutting down at random.

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