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Originally Posted by hacksawmark View Post
In your valve covers but not on the filler cap? Hmmm, still doesn't sound good. Any oil consumption issues; how often do you have to add a quart? Have you checked your coolant temps on the OBC? Also, what kind of driving do you do; lot of short trips? How often do you take it out on the freeway for 30 minutes or more?
It will use about a quart every 8 months. I don't think that's too bad for having 111,000 mi. Plus the oil lines on the front leak a little bit. I have to tell you when I first got it (1.5 yrs ago) I did the valve cover gasket and noticed just a touch of mayo. Since then the thermostat was stuck open for a few months. Just did the overhaul last weekend. When the t-stat was open I noticed more mayo. Since the rebuild It has gone back down now that she is running at normal temp, and I ran it a good distance to get a lot of heat and help it out. I drive 7 miles each way to work, but I always let it warm up for a few minutes to "jump start" the heat. I now have a new problem. Twice now it has poured a ton of white smoke out the tail pipe. Once before the coolant overhaul, once after. Oil isn't milky, never got hot, and no pressure in the coolant system. So, I don't believe its a head gasket.
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