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sitting and waiting. i set my e46 build off to the side to build another 450HP audi, to turn around and sell, and i'll be buying a tow rig for the BMW. but i have my hands on my 1j and r154 now, need to find a diff (prefer open and like a 3.9x-4.XX) cause my 3.15 with the r154 ratios, second gear goes to like 97mph..... useless.

waiting on my cage to get here this weekend, my ASD handbrake, and a few other things. my wheels 18x9 racing dynamic rgrs are sitting at my local wheel shop. and i have a set of adaptors that let me run my audi wheels on BMW's, so i think i'll keep my Fikses from my A6 when i sell that.

slowly but surely. I just cant wait to start watching again. i miss just spectating, even though drifting wont be an option for me this year, or atleast any time soon.

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