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DO NOT apply a wax, sealant or coating type products on new (non OEM) paint

Be cognizant that OEM and refinish paint used by body shops are different formulations, even if it’s the same paint manufacturer; this is due to the way the paint is cured. OEM paint is applied to a body that has no wiring, upholstery and etc so it can be subjected to elevated temperatures that would not be possible on a refinished vehicle

The majority of refinish paint is supplied by BASF DuPont, PPG and Sherwin Williams is 2K (2 component paint + activator) polyurethane systems; one component is polyisocyanate and the second is a polyol (acrylic or polyester polyol). Solvent-based paints (which still constitutes the majority of what is still being used, low solvent content VOC compliant) once the two components react they form a strong polymer chain. Or a water-based paint, much more prevalent in European imports than US mfg vehicles

Newly applied paint is soft, much softer than OEM paint, dehydration (drying) is a different process from cross-linking; while newly refinished paint is about 90% cured within 24 hours, even with the help of a drying oven and various additives, and will fully harden (dehydrate) after 60-90 days dependent upon local environmental conditions

Fresh paint safe glaze’ - while a paint is cross linking, using solvent- based waxes or sealants is not ideal since the solvents penetrate the paint and soften it and will interfere with the outgas / cross linking process.
The common ingredients in a’ fresh paint safe’ glaze are: water, glycerine or mineral oils(to produce a high shine) and a mild abrasive Kaolin (China clay) to burnish the surface and produce a gloss, some polymers are also formulated as ‘fresh paint safe’ for the same reasons

The application of a specific ‘fresh paint safe’ water-based or polymer type product, Zaino Polishes (exclude the use of either Z1 or ZFX™) Optimum Car Wax is water-based and is safe on fresh paint, or use Presta Fast it’s a liquefied paste wax manufactured with premium, natural and synthetic ingredients. This unique wax can be applied over 24-hour old clear coat and single-stage finishes without risk of die back, because it creates a breathable film that permits solvents to cross the wax film. Allow an ‘initial gas off’ (evaporate) /cure aerobic process of 7 days before application

These products are completely safe for any fresh paint system as they allow the solvents in a water-based paint to outgas / aerobic cure process and provide some protection for any type of paint surface.

After thirty days (30) the paint surface can be protected with a regular polymer sealant and/or Carnauba wax.

If in doubt ask the body shop or the person who painted your vehicle
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