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Originally Posted by M1992 View Post
I bet everyone in here is below the age of twenty and young as F**k just like me. Trying to play daddy on here, give me a break. Stop trying to pretend your all above the age of forty, pisses me off reading all the comments.

I haven't made one disrespectful comment. I posted the link to the Washington Post article.

Secondly, I'm in my early 30s

Lets not make sweeping comments.

Originally Posted by aretardedorange View Post
You guys gotta relax, I knew the guy and and know his family. I see a strong amount jealous haters in this thread. I am sure all the guys in here always follow the speed limit and always uses the turn signals. We all make stupid mistakes especially when we are young. This could have happened in a M5, 525i or a civic.

But really some of the comments in this thread are disgusting. Especially you "fergo the mule", "The drivers seat is Imola"? Really dude, please grow up you stupid ******. I can only hope that one day someone VERY CLOSE to you crashes and dies due to speeding/poor judgement and I can't wait to see your reaction. No one cares you drove your dads **** AMG at age 16, I am sure you went fast in it, trying to act like a saint by claiming you followed all the rules must make you feel like a real big bad ass online. Grow up.
Imran, is that you?

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