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at the end of the day, this was a simple mistake that unfortunately the driver could not escape from.

We all do less than perfectly safe things in life, especially in our cars, from time to time - but he just didn't escape this time.

If anybody has driven across the key bridge, it can be a tempting place to go fast - but the road curves sharply once you cross over to the Virginia side. I'm sure he'd driven across it many times, but misjudged the curb for whatever reason (speed, friends, cell phone, music - we'll never know). It's easy to do - I drove my E60 M5 across it almost every day from 2007-2008.

Without the M5, this could have easily still happened. What if it was an M3? or a 335? I wonder if the comments in this thread would be the same - or if this thread would have even been created.

Giving him the M5 may or may not have been a mistake, but it doesn't matter now - it's a tragic event. Prayers with the family and the friends who were injured. Someone was looking down on them from above that they were able to survive.

matt & huy - I'm sorry for your loss.

The whole thing is just a reminder that we're not invincible, (even though we feel like it sometimes behind our thick-rimmed steering wheels), and that the #1 cause of death for people in this driver's age group is not smoking, cancer, or heart attacks - it's accidents.

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