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Originally Posted by M1992 View Post
I bet everyone in here is below the age of twenty and young as F**k just like me. Trying to play daddy on here, give me a break. Stop trying to pretend your all above the age of forty, pisses me off reading all the comments. The kid had a fast car so he went fast, and look what happened he died, the end. Lets all be kind, say a prayer, and mourn his death, not Sh*t on his family and already sorrowful grave. Okay, now, back to reality and remembering we all have BMWs too, so worry about your own *ass and learn to drive your own Sh*t at a speed that keeps your OWN life under control. Then we will see if any of you can judge this guy by whether your name has been etched into YOUR own granite slab or not.
I'm 35, have an 11-year-old daughter and have been driving as long as you've been alive, so I'll offer my opinion and advice if I want, whether you fvck ing like it or not. No need to act like a little b!tch or punk.
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