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Originally Posted by MDydinanM View Post
True, there's not many in service since the Marine Corps is a small service. Not sure if the Brits still use them though. But earlier you said STOVL wasn't necessary in this day in age and just wanted to say it was since its service unique.
No, all our Harriers were retired from service when we mothballed our two carriers for bugetary reasons a couple of years ago. We then sold our entire Harrier fleet to the US Marines for spares and potential conversions for c. 55m. When our two new carriers come into service in 2020 and 2022 (although the latter carrier may now be cancelled), we're buying, wait for it, F-35 STVOL's. The original designation for STVOL's was changed to the faster F-35 versions, but then changed back again when the conversion costs for the already ordered new carriers were revealed to be c.1b per carrier (catapults and all the other supporting equipment this entailed).
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