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Rapier, immigration is one of the areas where we will clearly never agree.. and that's totally fine.

But I am still interested in your view on "the more, the merrier". If the notion is that every (or the large majority) of individuals who wish to immigrate to this country are looking to work hard and be productive citizens, then sure, maybe it makes sense... but employment numbers of second and third generation Latinos does NOT really support that position. And that's where this idea falls apart. If you have tens of thousands of immigrants coming across the border every year, and if a disproportionate chunk of them (ie: a % above our national unemployment %) are doing so to simply collect unemployment, send their kids to public schools, and be a burden to our annual deficit, that's NOT helpful.

I've said for years that I am fine with legalizing those immigrants who are in the US right now, would like to work and pay taxes, and do NOT have any incarcerations. Those that have been locked up or are caught committing a crime need to be kicked out, that simple... no sense in spending taxpayer dollars to feed, warm, house, and clothe them in our prison system. BUUUUUT, I'm only fine offering this IF we first close off the border.. and that doesn't seem to be of interest to just about anyone in the democratic party. And you can't just start offering citizenship to anyone who steps foot in this country while we leave the back door wide open to Latinos and everyone else (think national security issues when a terrorist can ride a donkey into our country).

There needs to be a secure border, control (and documentation) of who is coming and going for security purposes, and THEN we can have discussions in immigration.

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