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Heh, never dyno'd it. Here's the scoop:

I sent them my base calibration from my DME a couple years back, told them my mods (headers, intake manifold, no cats, exhaust, etc). They sent me a calibration, with a slightly raised redline (per my request after some research), and after working out the issues with the crossed O2 sensors, definitely feels faster, but I've never got around to dynoing it. One problem is that once I fixed the O2 Sensor issues, I had moved to Charlotte, NC, so I wasn't able to dyno on the same dynos I did the baseline on (dynapack). Hence, the power gain wouldn't be accurate. After that point, I lost interest in finding a number for number's sake. I may get around to going to a place around here with a dynojet. Seems like that's what people on here use for the most part.

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