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Originally Posted by clio View Post
I donít know if this has already been discussed here, but I bought my car in December 316i 1999 model, and up until Friday I realised that the carís engine management light does not come on at all, I tried to disconnect a few sensors from the engine bay including the MAF Sensor and still the light didnít come on, though the engine was so shaky after disconnecting the sensors. I have removed the Instrument Cluster to check for bulbs only to find that thereís LEDís instead of bulbsÖ.
Why I was looking for management light is because since I bought the car, the car has never run smooth, it feels like itís a bit shaky or judders sometimesÖI really donít know.
Has this happened to anyone before (the light not coming on I mean)? I have other cars too and the light comes on every time I turn the ignition to on, start the car and the light goes off.
Turn the key to Position II (RUN) but leave the engine off. The check engine light MUST be on else there is a fault that will cause the car to fail emissions testing in many jurisdictions.

Your car conforms to the OBD II specification, so if you think there is a problem then you should pull codes. Normally, you would pull codes tyo find out why the light was on, but you said your light does not work. The light comes on to tell you why the engine does not run well, and when the light comes on there are codes stored. Pull codes to find out what the engine computer thinks is wrong, then go from there.
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