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I believe this post is on-topic, but I took my car to the local dealer to service the transmission recently and they performed a "safety check." The most expensive item they recommended ($709) was to "replace oil strainer for engine vent cyclone separator and hoses." I have read a lot here about the CCV (which I assume is the same thing), but I haven't found where anyone has mentioned replacing the oil strainer. Is the oil strainer a euphemism for the CCV and are they saying it should be replaced? From what I have read in this string all the way back to 2010, all I need to do in the way of preventative (my favorite kind) maintenance is replace the hoses. Is that correct? They also recommended replacing the cylinder head cover gaskets ($630) & the oil filter housing gasket ($412). This sounds like the kind of thing that would be good to do all at the same time since it's in the same area and removing the oil filter housing might give me better access to the CCV hoses. Any help is greatly appreciated. I've already finished the cooling system and power steering pump and reservoir, so after this I should be in good shape. I have a 2003 325ci with a little over 100k and haven't had any SES messages, but I have noticed a burning oil smell on occasion. Thanks in advance.
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