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BeemerGSPilot- I have had my sons 2000 328I torn apart nine ways to Sunday and I learn something new each time I dive into it. I too have replaced all of the cooling hoses, coolant recovery tank, oil, oil filter, valve cover gskt, Trans fluid, rear diff fluid, lower control arm bushings, brakes (front and rear), 2 ingnition coil packs, complete tune up AND inspected the infamous CCV and associated hoses. The CCV was in good condition but the hose leading from the bottom of the CCV to the pipe that is part of the oil dipstick was all but gone. I was getting CEL with 1188, 1189 code pestering me everytime I turned the key. NO MORE! There was a special hose connector on the bottom of the CCV, the other end was just hose slid over the tubing at the bottom of the oil dipstick tube. All codes left immediately and the car runs like new! This repair cost me 45 min time and approx. $2.00 worth of oil resistant hose which happened to be silicone hose left over from a job I did on my DMAX.
I have heard of the CCV cracking, but most of the ones I've read are all from cold climates. Down here in the South, not a problem. All of the problems mentioned in your post are not difficult ones if you are just a little bit mechanically inclined. Hardest thing is bending over for a long period of time. That's why my son gets involved. It is, however, his car!!
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