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Originally Posted by Poncho@home View Post
Yeah, I was thinking of making a carry bag for the cart, to keep all the garbage on the wheels out of my car. As it stands now both my current cart & bag fit into my trunk, I was just curious if there were anything more compact then what I have.

My cart fits under the convertible top storage area, then bag fit no problem.

I think I will make a carry pouch with a drawstring to keep my interior and/or trunk free of golf course residue left on my cart, especially early season, if it ever arrives!

Current view out my office window:

It doesn't take a lot of work to keep it nice over the years. Leather treatment on the drivers seat 2-3 times/year. Elsewhere as needed. BMW uses quality vinyl so it will last. Honestly, my interior looks almost brand new and I have much better things to do than clean my car. Golf comes to mind.

Good idea about the bag. It's amazing how much crap, especially animal sh*t, that gets on the wheels and the bottom of your golf bag.

And yeah, what's up with this gd weather? Thirty-seven and raining in Conn, versus 77 and sunny Monday. Not as bad as snow, but still, not so good for top down motoring. Or golf!

I love my car as much today as the day I bought it
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