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Originally Posted by universitydaddy View Post
Hey guys - I need an opinion from folks in the know. My Mechanic says i should replace both bushings at once rather than just address the one that we know is in need of replacement. My contention is that he said they other looks good - do I really need to replace both?

Also, if I replace both - I'm thinking I should prob go with aftermarkets - something that will last "forever" but also provide the same or better ride quality. What are my top options in that regard?

Thanks in advance!

Also, for those of you that are novices like me - check out this video for a clear understanding of this discussion:
My part time mechanic, who's also a good personal friend, replaced mine at all four corners about a year ago. Not all were shot, but he insisted that they must be done in pairs. Then he aligned front and rear.

Also - just wondering if you ride a bike and might know about good rental places. We're coming out in September and the Honda dealer where I've rented before, in Corte Madera, is out of business.
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