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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
Do you think black bosses hire more blacks? Do Jewish bosses hire more Jews? It isn't just the man that does this, everyone does it. Every black judge I work with (which is many) has an all black staff. Every religious Jewish judge has all Jewish staff. Don't act like this is all white people shenanigans, real white people don't even like Italian and Irish.
You are the one that brought up "the black kid". Now you want to get pi$$y because I used your example. Puhleez.

I never said it was "just the man" or "this is all white people shenanigans".
I am the one who said the game is rigged. You claim it isn't. Yet here you are spouting examples of the "rigged" behaviors and circumstances you previously claim don't exist.

Condemned by your own arguments...comedy gold as always AofG.

Tell me, how is that petard of yours you hoisted yourself on to?
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