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Originally Posted by kyle808 View Post
I just replaced the $6 gasket recently and decided to take a few pics. This is my first time doing the job and it was fairly easy. My car was leaking oil about 1 quart every 2500 miles.

1. drive car on ramps or put on jack stands.

2. remove bottom engine splash shield

3. remove air filter box and remove the 2 nuts holding up the power steering reservoir. Put it to the side.

4. Remove fan and fan shroud

5. remove upper radiator hose (optional step, it just help clear up some room)

6. remove the alternator belt.

7. disconnect the negative of the battery first before messing with the alternator. (added by SSM1991)

remove alternator at these locations. I think the 2 bolts are 13mm. pull the electrical connector and unscrew the red battery terminal (13mm). Also remove the lower air 3 inch duct.

8. with the alternator out, its time to remove the 6 bolts (13mm) that holding the oil filter housing to the engine. Important: Remember the locations of each bolt because they're different lengths. It will help alot when it's time to re-install the housing. Also remove the oil line at the top near the radiator hose and remove the electrical connector to the oil housing.

9. Pull the housing away from the engine. as you can see there are small collections of oil nearby. I didn't completely removed the housing, I just pull it off enough to remove the gasket.

10. picture of gasket that's harden and brittle. it's cracking in a few spots.

11. replace with new gasket and reverse all steps to finish.

12. top off coolant and some oil. Oil doesn't really leak out at all when you pull the housing off.

I dont see any mention of the Power stearing PUMP removal.. i saw a youtube how to and he removed 3 bolts, is it necessary to do remove the pump??
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