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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
hard work > rig
I concur.

But you admit that the game is rigged?

While economics are not the only "rigging factor", IMO, they are the most common "rigging factor". I stand by my statement.
Originally Posted by rdsesq
You (and the GOP) need to get that through your heads. As soon as you understand, yes, the system is rigged. That doesn't mean auto-failure. But it does mean those on the bottom are more likely to stay on the bottom. It means that if the kid who starts out in the economic bottom 20% works as hard as the kid who starts out in the economic top 20%, chances are amazingly high that the kid that started out in the top 20% is going to fair better, even if they work equally as hard. That is how the system works. If you start near the bottom of the economic ladder, your best chance is just to try and do better and maybe your next generation can start out at the 30% or 50% mark on the economic ladder. Yeah, there are going to be those that "land on chance or the community chest" and make that economic leap in a single generation. But, those odds are slim. (Lets face it, they are.)

The game is rigged. OK. So what. Accept that and then, and only then, can we move on from it. To continue to deny that its not is just as much a part of the problem.
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