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Originally Posted by rapier7 View Post
Ah, yeah. But college still isn't a guarantee of success. They're still going to face discrimination and prejudice for the rest of their working lives.

Look at it this way, the average black college graduate makes 52k per year. The average white college graduate makes 73k per year. Source: http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/cpsta...pinc04_000.htm

If a black person looks at that data, how do you think they would explain that income disparity? That they are less hard working than whites? That they're less intelligent than whites? Chances are, they'll think that because whites have always been the dominant (and therefore normal) racial demographic in the United States, that they have an ingrained advantage in our current economic system.

When black people go into a job interview, they have to contend with a lot of baggage associated with their race. Because black people have stereotypes on their work ethic, attitude, speech that get engrained both in their minds and the mind of their prospective employer. If you think that doesn't exist or that it doesn't affect outcomes, you're wrong. It does.
Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post
Will you learn to read. Just because a game is rigged doesn't mean one can't win. It means the odds of winning are longer. It is not just the GOP that needs to understand this, the DNC needs to as well. Admit that the game is rigged and nothing is going to change that the game is rigged. All that might maybe be done is make the odds a bit closer to even. (However, the discussion was specifically around the GOP.)

Hard work and perseverance aren't always enough, they usually aren't enough. If they were most small businesses and start-ups wouldn't fail. And yet, even given the high failure rate, people continue to try.

Either extreme position (auto-fail or its not rigged) is absurd.
Is this a joke?
I pity anyone who looks at life as a "rigged game" and even with perseverance they will never succeed, how ****ing pathetic and they rightly deserve no success. Having an attitude like that does an injustice to those of all races who go through life's trial and tribulations which far exceed simply being born black.
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