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Originally Posted by KaktusJaque View Post
Just wanted to see what yall use. I picked up this shotty just over a year ago, OMG its the best shot gun I ever shot, love this thing. Benelli M4 semi-auto 12g

I added the Surefire Optic and the side shell holder.

I wanted to get a collapsable stock, but they just went skyrocketing in price since BOB's second term, way more than I am willing to pay.

I will be getting a 7 shell tube next, those are not too bad.
Got the same shotgun. It really is amazing. Mine has iron sights though. Unfortunately, the gun is a little heavy compared to my Remington 870. I use the Remington for skeet shooting and home defense as well.

For home defense, a pump action shotgun is better as just the sound of clearing the chamber is enough for people to sh*t there pants (most not all).
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