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Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post
If what is alleged is true and where the civics lesson stopped, it is reprehensible. I can possibly see the value of using that idea as a teaching springboard to discuss the which and why if any would might be willing to give up. From there why those rights have been so fiercely fought for. So there might be more to this story.

Of course if the kid had written down the repeal of the 16th amd, I wonder if the Tea Party groupies would be all that upset with the story.
This. Like to know more details.

The compromises between individual rights/freedoms and the collective safety/security of society as a whole are an important, ongoing and evolving discussion in the world.

Teaching kids about that is good and should be done. Not sure if its too heavy for 4th graders. And if the lesson stops with teaching kids that giving up rights is good no matter what, that's a problem.

But just as a single shooting doesn't convince me we need new gun laws, neither does a single poorly explained piece of paper in a kids backpack convince me that a teacher has a lesson plan to turn citizens into acquiescent sheep.
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