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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
I never saw the documentary, but question....what that "jesus" indoctrination in a private institution (serious question?)
First, I didn't say I agree with making kids write that in a public school. I actually think it's pretty stupid. If we start giving up rights, who decides when we've given up enough of them to be (insert stupid reason for giving up rights).

My point was more, that what one side sees as indoctrination isn't for someone else. If you want an example of how this "private" indoctrination hurts everyone, look at the states banning abortions by making it impossible to run a clinic that offers that service.

And even if we disagree on some topics, I am sure you would be disgusted by the documentary. At one point this camp councilor/pastor says something along the lines of, Al Qaeda is indoctrinating our youth, so we just have to indoctrinate them more and brainwash them better. (She actually compared what they are doing to Al Qaeda) It was on Hulu for a long time if you want to check it out.
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