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Originally Posted by jakksfor20 View Post
A father and son looking for trouble? Really? More people need to do it so the 99.82% of legal gun owners can show that legal gun owners are the majority and that what the news reports is not law abiding citizens.

If I saw someone carrying an open weapon I would think I am more protected than not seeing one.
Yeah. I've seen a couple of these vids where some NRA enthusiast decides to put the law to the test and openly (and possibly legally) carry a gun out in the middle of the day while they are just walking around for no reason other than to videotape their encounter with the cops so they can strut their knowledge of the law.

If you feel safer with people carrying guns around you at a starbucks, lol. Enjoy. The rest of the world does not agree with you. If I see grandpa Joe ordering a latte with a rifle strapped on him, even if he looks totally harmless, I am GTFO of there. The problem is you have no idea who they are, or why they have a gun. You don't know if they are there just walking with a gun, or are there to shoot up the mall.

And before you argue something absurd like I hate guns, nothing could be further from the truth. I support the right to own and carry weapons for one thing only: SELF DEFENSE. I even support concealed carry if the person is put through a rigorous test/check.

Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
No assault rifle was carried and no law was broken

Inform me again WHY the cops where even there to begin with?
People called in a person walking with a gun.

Look, this is TX apparently where it is legal to openly carry. If people there are calling this in, you better believe it is some weird assed ****. It is not normal to walk around in public with a rifle. PERIOD.

I feel bad for his kid.

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