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Originally Posted by mattcarle21 View Post
Well excuuuuse me. I shot M-16s in the military. The only difference between those and an AR is the 3 round burst on M16. Right? So, technically it's not an assault rifle, yes. How easy is it to mess with the trigger mechanism and make it full auto though? Serious question.
so if it is not an assault rifle, please, do us all a favor and do not call it one. ignorance breeds ignorance.

the difference between your modern sporting rifle and an assault rifle is the select fire capability of the assault rifles. operationally, a semi-automatic ar-15 is no different than any other semi-automatic sporting/hunting rifles. both semi-auto and full auto rifles are legal to own in texas(following proper nfa guidelines)

as far as how easy it is to make a semi auto rifle full auto? not exactly sure.. i would imagine its a matter of swapping out some parts in the recievers. however, it is unlawful to do such a thing, so im not sure what exactly it has to do with the legality of owning a semi-auto ar. its like asking how easy it is to turn household appliances into bombs.
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