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Did this today. I've already done a VANOS, CCV, and lots of other things - but this, by far has to be the most bang-for-the-buck repair ever. It really is fairly straightforward, and I spent about $5 in parts (carquest had the gasket and the two crush washers in a couple of hours for me). I feel stupid that I've been putting in a quart of oil so often ($7) when the cost of this repair was less than a quart.

My observations:
(1) If I wouldn't have cleaned anything, it would have been really quick (<1hr). I spent about 3 1/2 hours because I had a freaking mess in there.
(2) I did not remove the power steering pump. If I would have, I probably could have taken the whole OFH out and cleaned it separately. I pushed it to the side and made do, and still cleaned up everything rather well.
(3) You might as well check your serpentine belt before this repair, I should have, I would have replaced it.
(4) The pipe that connects the alternator to the fan housing pops right off. I had to pop it off after simple-greening, hosing, and scrubbing my engine as I got water in it. You might as well pop it off and shake out any debris in it.
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