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Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post
The right not to have my right to bear arms infringed. Every additional regulation on that is an infringement. Since the right to bear arms is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution, the burden is on the party seeking to infringe that right to show that 1) there's a compelling state interest in the new regulation and 2) that there is no less restrictive alternative available. I haven't seen that, so I'm okay with the status quo.
I guess it's a difference of mentality. I don't see additional regulation as an infringement. If anything, proper regulation ensures that your rights will NOT be infringed, since they discourage and prevent the misuse of that right by those who wish to do harm to others.

If you think that something as simple as requiring the same type of background checks as are required in dealer sales to be applied to non-dealer sales is infringement, I don't think I can say much to sway your opinion on this topic at all.

Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post
People talk about the NRA as if there are no equally determined parties on the other side pushing just as hard for legislation to be passed.
There is nothing comparable on this particular issue.
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