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Could it be that I am losing a slight battle against genetics here in my struggles to achieve larger, bulkier, taller biceps? Reason I think this is because my whole life I've been lanky. I consider my younger brother in comparison. He's 5'7, weighs 188 pounds at about 10% body fat. He's a freak, I'll post a pic if I find a good one. He has shorter arms, meaning a shorter distance from his shoulder to his elbows. He has the same muscle I have, but spanning over a shorter distance, which for him, has given him a FAR superior "bulk" in comparison to my muscles in this area. My bi's and tri's have always had a lot of horizontal distance to cover, and as a result, they don't ever peak very high, or have that bulky appearance. Same goes for my brother, where his legs have the same effect, he has shorter limbs, bulkier muscles. I have lanky limbs, leaner more horizontally stretched muscles, which to me appear smaller. I will agree that the strength is significantly improving, just not the vertical growth to which I desire.

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