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Originally Posted by bostonsc4 View Post

Could it be that I am losing a slight battle against genetics here in my struggles to achieve larger, bulkier, taller biceps? Reason I think this is because my whole life I've been lanky. I consider my younger brother in comparison. He's 5'7, weighs 188 pounds at about 10% body fat. He's a freak, I'll post a pic if I find a good one. He has shorter arms, meaning a shorter distance from his shoulder to his elbows. He has the same muscle I have, but spanning over a shorter distance, which for him, has given him a FAR superior "bulk" in comparison to my muscles in this area. My bi's and tri's have always had a lot of horizontal distance to cover, and as a result, they don't ever peak very high, or have that bulky appearance. Same goes for my brother, where his legs have the same effect, he has shorter limbs, bulkier muscles. I have lanky limbs, leaner more horizontally stretched muscles, which to me appear smaller. I will agree that the strength is significantly improving, just not the vertical growth to which I desire.

Genetics WILL play a part when it comes to muscle shape. If your biceps don't peak already, they probably won't ever. That doesn't mean that you can't build big biceps though. They will just be longer and flatter than somebody who has a bicep like a baseball/softball.
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