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Originally Posted by avincent52 View Post
To each his own, of course. You should have bought the non-sunroof white one. Aside from that it was the best wagon I found for sale in the last couple of years, and the friend who bought it said the PPI was clean. Price was right too.

Here's the silver one with the sports seats. Awesome color combo, IMHO, although I'd probably replace the wood trim with black or aluminum.
Oh man that's nice.

I believe on the non-M it's called Tanin Red. Might be a touch darker than Imola.

I admire your patience. I get flustered looking for a wagon and I'm much less picky- all I want is white exterior. Beyond that, it just has to drive. The cheaper the better. And I still don't find any that make me raise my eyebrows.

Well, except that one. If it was white I'd pay them their price today. (Anyone wanna buy that one and trade interiors with me? )
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