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This shows the sensor bolt removed.

Click image for larger version

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This shows the sensor removed.

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Now disconnect the other end of the sensor wire back in the area where you removed the airbox. It is connected at the bottom of the box that has a bunch of wires and connectors on it below the disa. Pull n wiggle the other end where you removed the sensor to follow where it goes ane decipher which wire and connector it is.

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This is both of the old sensors.

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This is the new intake sensor installed.

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This is the new exhaust sensor installed and reconnected.

Make sure not to forget to connect any wires you may have removed to gain access during this job.

Put the airbox, right side vanos solenoid, oil filter cover, and fan back in. Note I used a small 1/4 drive socket for mostly everything. If you are using bigger tools you may need to also remove the oil filter not just the cover to be able to get at the intake sensor bolt.

My service light went out after staring the car 3-5 times and revving the engine 3-5 times each time I started it. Hopefully its not coincidental this time!!!

It took about 1 1/2 - 2 hours to to both plus my fuel filter so probably about 1 hour for both sensors. It'll take longer your first time because it is a little hard to figure out where the sensors actually are because they are hard to see before removing the other stuff in the way. Hopefully this little summary of what I did this morning may make any part of replacing these sensors easier for you. Wish I could have found some of this info beforehand myself.

Have a good day!

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